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Branch Bulletin: Regarding Update on Civil Service Compensation Scheme Campaign 27/05/2010

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 Dear member, 

As you are probably aware, the High Court Ruled in Favour of PCS recently over the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, finding that the Government had acted illegally in trying to change the terms of the scheme without consulting the relevant unions.

 Since the Annual PCS Conference last week, the branch thought it was important to update you all on what is happening with the campaign.

 As it stands, the result of the court ruling means that we are basically ‘back to square one’, and if the new government wants to make any changes to the CSCS they now have to negotiate with the relevant unions (PCS/Prospect/FDA etc).

 What is the branch’s position on negotiations and changes?

 This branch is happy that the court case came through in our favour, but as we have seen from the British Airways/Unite case, we must remember that the courts are not always on the side of workers, and remain vigilant and continue to campaign.

 The branch stands by its long-held position that any changes negotiated must apply to all existing staff, and not split conditions for future staff either.

 We realise that some changes may have to be made to align the scheme with the age discrimination laws, but we will only recommend the NEC accept these if they are equal for all.

 What about the pay lost in the strike days?

 Many members have asked whether we should be asking for our pay back from management as the strike was taken against something they were doing illegally.

 The fact is that strikes are always taken at the choice of the membership, and it was voted on at the time. The membership knew at the time that the court case was going ahead, and that we may win or lose. We never knew which way it would go and so it was vital to take industrial action as well. If we had lost the court case we would have been left with nothing and having taken no action.

 A motion was passed at conference last week to see if there is anyway of refunding the money, but everyone admitted it is highly unlikely.

 What about the other unions that pulled out?

 Apart from feeling smug that ‘we were right’ to take the action, it is the case that Prospect, FDA and other Civil Service Trade Unions will gain this court win for themselves too. PCS as a whole feels that the other unions acted shamefully in their lack of commitment to the cause. Delegates at conference felt that we should review our relationship to these unions and consider recruiting members of those unions to PCS.



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