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Business Leaders Try to Curtail Right to Take Industrial Action 21/06/2010

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This branch learned this morning that the CBI – the ‘bosses’ association for business, were recommending that the government pull back the right to strike or take other industrial action so that all ballots must gain a 40% majority of the workplace. The equivalent in the wider world would mean that the present government wouldn’t be in power as they gained only 23% of the possible vote. This is not referring to the percentage of those who voted, but the percentage of those who could have voted. Such a proposal assumes that those who do not vote would automatically vote against a strike, whereas logic and democracy dictate that those who vote must be the indicator for the overall view.

“The CBI seems to think human rights stop at the workplace door.” – Brendan Barber

Miraculously the Conservative government has rebutted these ideas and said that they have no plans to change the trade union laws.

This of course, is not great – we still live under trade union laws so strict since the 1980s that unions are chained to laws and legislation, and not the concerns of members. This campaign is fighting for more freedom for trade unions to work in a more effective way.

From BBC.co.uk
Government shuns call to change strike laws
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