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Reducing the Deficit? Close the Tax Gap and Collect From Rich Evaders, Stop Targeting the Poor! 30/06/2010

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Our comrades in HMRC regularly inform us that the sum of uncollected taxes in the UK amounts to a figure in the billions. If the government were to chase up tax collection it would amount to a significant dent in the deficit which is currently being ‘addressed’ by massive and crippling public sector cuts, and increased victimisation of so called ‘benefit scroungers’.

Instead of cutting civil service jobs in HMRC – employ more to collect taxes from rich tax evaders who owe billions.

Instead of cutting Jobcentre Plus jobs and services, increase staffing – cutting the service that deals with the unemployed in a recession is shortsighted and ludicrous.

Perhaps the most damning part for our Jobcentre Plus claimants is the DWP ‘We’re Watching You’ style ads that leave a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth, considering the public sector money fiddled by MPs, and the billions in tax that are not chased up in the same way. The continued targeting of so called ‘benefit scroungers’ without any attention to the rich tax evaders across the UK really shows the class bias that the Government has, victimising the poor who are trying to make ends meet, rather than those who can actually afford to pay their dues. This article from an East London community campaign on the matter makes an interesting critique of the subject.

We should be against all cuts, but it is likely that unemployment will continue to rise and while it does we must campaign for more provision for the unemployed, not less. Please see here to see how you can lobby your MP to close the tax gap.



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