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Stop Targeting Underpaid Civil Servants to Mop Up the Bankers’ Mess! 07/07/2010

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To all members,  

As most of you are aware the government has released its intentions for a cut to the CSCS to one year’s redundancy, far worse than the previous proposals which PCS took action over in March.   PCS nationally has released this statement.

Those readers with internal DWP access may also be interested in the discussion that is currently taking place on the BFD discussion lists on the intranet.

For DWP members, Leigh Lewis’ original letter can be seen here and I have requested persmission to publish it on here from the webmaster (watch this space). The jist is that it’s time for us all to tighten our belts, under the guise that it is ‘fair’. As a civil service employee earning £15k on a full time wage after two years employment and not even the lowest paid grade (Band A full time wages come in around £11k), how can they possibly justify these cuts? Where are the bankers’ contributions to this mess? What about the senior civil service staff who earn up to six figures? These are the people the media think of when they talk about gold plated civil servants but the truth is sadly that civil service staff are some of the most poorly paid in the country.

PCS  Members across the country are clearly angry and fed up of being constantly targeted for cuts based on myths and lies about our terms and conditions propagated in the wider press – with the majority of civil servants being paid under £20k a year it is absolutely absurd that they continue to pretend they can make such massive cuts here without detriment to peoples’ wellbeing. As one contributor to that thread says, many of our staff would be better off on benefits than on the pay we receive, and especially now with the pay freeze.   Let us be clear – the Government’s attempt to change this legislation is to allow something through that is currently illegal for them to do, hence why we won in court last time round.  

DWP Sheffield Branch Committee



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