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Union News – Sheffield Contact Centre June/July 2010 07/07/2010

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Sheffield CCD meeting between Management and Trade Union Sides – 22/6/10

Present: Lee Rock (Lead CCD Rep) Ian Bartholomew (Assistant Branch Sec.) Linda Woollen (Branch H & S Rep) Vinny Herring (Deputy CCD Rep) Ian Burton (CCD Rep), Representatives from DWP Local Management

Workforce Management

The union raised concerns that many members were not getting 80% of their preferences and there were numerous examples of people getting none at all. Management explained they were aware of these problems and there had been errors and they were hoping to quickly resolve these. Management assured the union that the WFM system would give 80% of member’s preferences and to raise issues where this was still not happening.

Doctors/Dentist Appointments

The union led a discussion with management on the DWP guidance in that where an appointment could not be made out of work hours then a credit would be awarded and the member did not need to make the time up.  Management confirmed this and stated they would remind everyone of this. Management also agreed with the union that appointment cards would not always be available but if there were ongoing appointments such as weekly physio etc these would be produced out of courtesy.

8.00am to 6.00pm

The union expressed their view to management that where staff were recruited on flexible working hours contracts (not those employed directly by the CCD) members were not required to work before 8.36am or after 5.00pm if they did not wish to. The position of the union is that it is voluntary for ex-BDC members, not on fixed hours, if they wish to work before 8.36am or after 5.00pm.  Management have accepted this but members need to inform Line managers of their preferences.


The union raised concerns that some managers were under the false impression that members needed to be on the phones to take calls for the entire period they are scheduled to work. Management agreed that staff do have 5 to 10 minutes loggin-in/logging-out time as part of their schedule.  However, if a member of staff logs in or out beyond the 7.24 this will count towards flexi build.


The union led a discussion around transfers; that where a member has a transfer request in and a vacancy exists there is no requirement for a swap. Management agreed with the union that this was the correct guidance.  

Phoning-in Sick

The Union sought clarification from management of the guidance regarding phoning-in sick.  It was highlighted that staff may have personal issues that they prefer to discuss in confidence with their line manager. Management agreed that members need to phone the sick-line but if the individual requested to speak to their line manager a call back would be arranged.  

Summer Annual Leave

The union raised with management that all members were entitled to two consecutive weeks of Annual Leave during the summer months of June to September. Management agreed to contact Line Managers to ensure this was happening.

Mobile Phones

The union discussed with management that under DWP guidance members could keep their mobile phones on so long as they were on silent or vibrate.  Management agreed to remind people of this.

Sheffield Contact Centre Reps



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