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A Woman’s Work 08/07/2010

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What follows is a letter written by one of our branch reps to DWP’s internal letters page, ‘Have Your Say’. Needless to say it was not printed, and instead HYS frequently posts inane emails about minor issues in the workplace and ‘tea time teasers’. Members should start writing to Have Your Say with their real concerns and get it re-politicised. It is one of the few forums where staff get responses directly from the top. 

“Women at Work”

On reading ‘A woman’s work’ on the DWP Homepage today how do you reconcile the Jobcentre Plus Contact Centre Directorate’s attitude to our female colleagues as regards flexibility towards childcare, school, work/life balance etc. and the main tenet of the article. At Sheffield women staff of the former Benefit Delivery Centre who have been assimilated into Sheffield Contact Centre through the “Transformation” process have systematically had their contracted and recognised work patterns torn up and burnt on the pyre of the (unfit for purpose), Work Force Manager programme, with some leaving the service altogether: others left in tears by management intransigence and the rest pushed to the extreme to remain in employment solely because of the draconian culture pervading the Directorate! Will this be brought up at “The Women in the Civil Service” exhibition at the Civil Service (CS) Live 2010 event as an example of how far women have progressed since the 1880’s? I think it will be a suitable topic to be aired during the “Women at Work – Inspiring Gender Equality” seminar on 7July, to be held at CS Live. It is a sad indictment of DWP policy indeed that this is transpiring in the 21st Century workplace.

VH, DWP Sheffield Branch Rep

A woman’s work

(From DWP Homepage)

Did you know that, until 1947, women were expected to resign from the Civil Service if they got married? Or that women did men’s jobs during the World Wars but were soon replaced when the men came back from battle? At Civil Service (CS) Live 2010 there will be an exhibition celebrating ‘Women in the Civil Service’, from 1880 to present day. 

CS Live runs from 6-8 July 2010, at London Olympia. The ‘Women in the Civil Service’ exhibition will run across all three days. 

On Wednesday 7 July there will also be a special seminar, called ‘Women at work – Inspiring Gender Equality’. In this seminar, Helen Ghosh, Defra’s Permanent Secretary, will chair a panel of inspirational women who will share their thoughts on how to promote gender equality and help women reach their full potential in the workplace.  

There will also be DWP Q&A sessions at 1.30pm each day, in the exhibition hall Fringe area. CIT ‘Future Design’ will be on Tuesday 6 July, Shared Services ‘Cross Government Efficiency’ will be on Wednesday 7 July and Information Security ‘A novel approach’ will be on Thursday 8 July. 




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