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In Memory of Paul Bradshaw 21/07/2010

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~ In Memorium ~
Paul Bradshaw passed away peacefully on the 9th of July at St. Luke’s Hospice after a long period of time suffering from terminal cancer. He will be sadly missed by Sheffield PCS not only for his unselfish work within the Branch but for his quiet doggedness in supporting his workmates in the Sheffield Contact Centre Admin Team throughout their management induced travails.
Paul was a quiet man yet when he saw any injustice in the workplace he would speak up to defend himself and others around him against the almost inconceivable treatment meted out to his colleagues over the years within Sheffield Contact Centre. I recollect with great nostalgia the many times at the end of the numerous Contact Centre management presentations where I would stand up thinking that I would be the only staff member present to respond to the obligatory “are there any questions?” with my usual dour condemnation of the latest ‘initiative’; I would then hear a voice from the back either continuing my tirade or throwing yet another spanner into the works. Invariably, it would be the voice of Paul Bradshaw. For that I thank the man and I really miss his contributions.
Paul was always quick to bring to my attention the plight of members within the Contact Centre and he was equally as helpful when it came to delivering the more mundane tasks that we as Reps have to do. I believe that it was Paul’s wish that if any of his friends, colleagues and workmates who want to pay their respects to his memory the best way is by means of donations to St. Luke’s Hospice.
In memory of Paul Bradshaw – my friend and a true member of humanity.
Vinny Herring, PCS Rep. Sheffield C.C.


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