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DWP Weekly Bulletin – 2010 Pay Negotiations 22/07/2010

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From PCS.org.uk

DWP union news – weekly bulletin 29

16 July 2010

 The latest news for members in DWP and CMEC.

 The National Executive Committee of PCS met this week and discussed the government’s plan to attack our CSCS court victory by changing the law. We have been working hard in parliament to get the backing we need for our Early Day Motion (EDM) to defeat their bill. We met with the Labour party who agreed that they will all oppose the government bill which is excellent news. Additionally 10 Liberal Democrats and 1 Conservative have also signed up to our EDM. It is essential that we pile the pressure on all of our MPs to stop this attempt to get rid of civil servants on the cheap. Ask your MP to sign our Early Day Motion on CSCS today.

 Extensive plans were also drawn up to fight the cuts across the whole civil service by campaigning and joining up with other unions and the TUC. See the PCS website for more details.

 Pay talks have started in DWP and CMEC

Formal pay talks have started this week with management. Set against a background of the government’s public sector pay freeze some members have asked if there is anything to talk about but of course there is. While the headlines in the budget stated that everyone earning above £21,000 will have their pay frozen, in DWP management have shockingly revealed to us that 58% of DWP staff earn £21,000 or less and so will not come under the pay freeze.  

58% of DWP members unaffected by pay freeze – because their pay is so low

Those staff earning £21,000 or less are set to get at least £250. We are arguing that is nowhere near enough. With inflation running at 5.1% that is still a big pay cut. When we met Iain Duncan Smith we argued with him that if he wanted to do something about poverty and debt in society he should start by paying all of his staff a living wage. Over the next two weeks he has to agree how much money to give DWP for our pay. We are arguing that it must be much more than the minimum £250 each.  

We must have progression paid

For all staff whether they are earning over or under £21,000, PCS is arguing that although the government has frozen our cost of living pay rise, other public sector workers are still getting their progression payment that takes them from min to max. It is only fair that we all should get that too. We are also taking legal advice about our contractual entitlement to this money.  

Put all the bonus money into our pay pot so we can all have a decent pay rise

The government’s pay policy limits unfairly what DWP can offer which is why PCS is determined to join with other unions in breaking this policy. Meanwhile it is essential that they do everything they can to give us all a fair pay rise rather than squander money on unfair and discriminatory bonuses. We have asked management to use all the bonus money to reward us all properly in the pay packet. Management agreed to discuss all the bonus money with us in these talks.  

Talks will continue over the next few weeks and updates will be posted on the PCS web site. The pay rise will not be paid on time in the July pay packet but this year more than ever it is crucial that we take the time to get it right or we risk getting paid nothing quickly.  

Together we will win.



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