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FTAs 22/07/2010

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From PCS

 Department for Work & Pensions Group

 Date:   20 July 2010   


 FTAs, Staffing and the Civil Service Compensation Scheme

All Members to Lobby their MP

 A key part of our campaigns to defend the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS), get FTAs made permanent or extended, and defend staffing levels is to get as many members as possible to lobby their MP by seeing them or by using the e-actions on the PCS website.

 The coalition government has –

 Announced plans to cut 4,000 jobs in Jobcentre Plus by 31 March 2011 on top of the 4,000 jobs already cut since the start of 2010.

 Plans to sack thousands of FTA staff in Jobcentre Plus.

 Launched a savage attack on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS) to make it easier and cheaper to sack staff.

 Encourage all members to lobby their MP on these issues

Attached is a guide on “How to Lobby Your MP” to help members prepare for when they see their MP. The attached guide also gives specific advice about lobbying on the CSCS.  Also attached is a report back form.

 In Jobcentre Plus, members need to tell their MP that the higher workloads caused by the recession have not decreased and many expect unemployment to continue to rise sharply as a result of public spending cuts. Jobcentre Plus will be severely weakened by job cuts on this scale and many staff face being forced onto that growing dole queue themselves as FTA jobs are cut.

 All members should complete the e-actions on the PCS website

Please also go to the PCS website at www.pcs.org.uk click on the “Contact your MP” option at the top of the opening page and complete the e-action asking their MP to sign the Early Day motion 301, then click on Where I Work, then click on DWP, and complete the

e-action on the right hand side of the page to write to their MP about saving FTA jobs in JCP.

DWP National Organiser



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