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DWP Weekly Bulletin 12/08/2010

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From PCS.org.uk

DWP Union News – Weekly Bulletin 31

6 August 2010

The latest news for members in DWP and CMEC.

PCS negotiators are meeting Jobcentre Plus senior management next week to discuss staffing and in particular the plight of our thousands of FTA members. Disgracefully these members still do not know whether they have a permanent future in Jobcentre Plus, despite the excellent work they have done and the fact that they are still so very obviously needed.

Research published this week showed that job vacancies grew last month at the slowest rate for 8 months. Fewer vacancies coupled with the increase in new claims many Jobcentres are reporting indicates how very important these members are to the stability of Jobcentre Plus and our ability to continue to help people back into work quickly.

DWP Pay Talks

Pay talks continue next week in DWP. Management now have the pay pot agreed and we expect an offer to be made to the 58% of DWP staff earning £21K or less. PCS is arguing that with so many staff on low pay we need more than the £250 minimum and management must secure funding for that. PCS rejects the pay freeze and will fight for an increase for all members.

Equal pay demanded

PCS members will have seen reports this week of Theresa May’s warning that the government’s cuts must be fully equality proofed and not fall foul of the equality legislation. PCS is supporting the Fawcett Society’s legal challenge to the cuts, including challenging the pay freeze on equality grounds. In the pay talks we have already raised many of our own concerns including those on equality grounds.

We have raised concerns about the impact on women members, black members and age discrimination of this pay freeze. The bonus system is also proven to be discriminatory not just on grounds of race and gender but also to those staff in grades Band A, Band B and Band C who get the smallest bonuses despite doing most of the work.

Fair pay for all

Everyone knows that DWP staff have done a magnificent job and the People Performance figures really underline that – 2.5% of staff were “wholly exceptional” but an enormous 97.4% were “consistently good”, demonstrating how proud we should all be of our performance and how we all deserve to have that recognised in the pay packet with decent pay for the many rather than bonuses for the very few.

PCS call for cuts fight to be biggest since the Poll Tax

PCS has launched a major national campaign against the cuts across all the departments and in defence of jobs, pay, pensions and public services. The campaign also calls for other unions to take action together with us to stop these cuts.

TUC must organise a massive national demonstration

PCS is urging the TUC when it meets at its annual congress in September, to organise a huge national demonstration in London for 23 October to fight the cutbacks. This is the same day as the Scottish TUC is holding a Scotland-wide demonstration in Glasgow.

Unity is strength

PCS has also called for a day on action on 20 October, the day of the Governments Comprehensive Spending Review which will set out more details of the cuts.

It is expected that we will receive widespread support for these protests – potentially making them even bigger than those that ended the Poll Tax.



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