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MOJ Face thousands of job cuts – courts to face massive backlogs and redundancies. 13/08/2010

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It has just been announced that the Ministry of Justice – which includes the staff that work in the courts services at all levels except lawyers, and the administrative staff that regulate the legal system – are to face as many as 15,000 job cuts over the near future.


PCS members in the MOJ are fearing the worst, as this nonsensical decision is typically (for the coalition government) bulldozed through without consultation. This level of cuts will likely render the courts unworkable – whilst cases already take months to get to court, with this amount of shrinkage this time period could be greatly extended. Confusingly, the Conservatives tend to be in favour of stricter legal sanctions, which means that the numbers of prosecutions could in fact increase, whilst the staff able to process cases just disappear into redundancy.

An anonymous PCS/MOJ member recently stated that she was aware that they are not the most ‘popular’ body of staff in the world, and as such is concerned that an anti-cuts campaign would not be well supported by the public. This is why it is vital that other services that rely on the courts for their work, such as rape and abuse services, the probation service, and family law services all offer their support to the staff in MOJ.



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