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Cuts Tsar Announced! 18/08/2010

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Remember the name…Philip Green. Fairly innocuous you may say, but he may have as serious an impact as another notorious name from the past, namely Sir Ian Kinloch MacGregor KBE.

 With the 25th anniversary of the miners strike recently passed it is opportune to remember his name. Scottish miners’ leader of that time, Mick McGahey described him as “viciously anti-trade union and anti-working class”, claiming that he had worked “to destroy trade unionism not only in mining, but in Britain”. He was brought in by the notorious right-wing tory government of Margaret Thatcher as head of the National Coal Board to cut jobs and close “unprofitable” pits.

 Miners leader Arthur Scargill was concerned at MacGregor’s uncompromising business methods, branding MacGregor “the American butcher of British industry.” MacGregor replied that he was “a plastic surgeon” whose job was to “try to rebuild damaged features”.  He split his time between his homes in New York, Bermuda and Scotland, his birthplace.

 So…move on 25 years to modern day Britain. Philip Green.

 Brought in personally by David Cameron. Owner of the clothing retalier Arcadia (Top Shop, BHS) to help the new government make “tough decisions to ensure that Britain lives within its means” .

 He spends part of each year living in the Mediterranean principality of Monaco whose residents pay no income tax. In 2005 the businesssman whose personal wealth is estimated at £5 billion and whose companies are registered in his wife’s name raked in Britain’s highest ever one year corporate salary £1.2 billion. Tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy calculated that the Green family, by living in Monaco, had saved themselves a collosal £285 million that would otherwise have been paid to the Inland Revenue that year.

 So when his name gets mentioned (if indeed it does-he may be the “sinister figure” lurking in the wings?) don’t think it will be good news for civil servants. As Paul Kenny of the GMB dryly observed, considering Mr Green’s “experience and knowledge, we do welcome his appointment to help the government  deal with the £30 billion-plus tax avoidance problem and we hope he will give the government good advice in closing the loopholes”   

 You have been warned! There has never been a more important time to stand by your union, and all unions to stand together.

 Ian Furness

BEC Member-Pesonal Capacity.



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