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Protest against the EDL in Bradford 19/08/2010

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As many readers will know, the English Defence League have caused disruption and havoc in many towns and cities across the UK where they have been demonstrating their apparent distaste of Islamic extremism. The truth, however, is that the EDL is made up of a number of white nationalists, and many previously involved in football riots. The EDL are not just against Muslim extremism, they are a racist and fascist organisation.

They have announced that they are planning now to March in Bradford on 28th August. Bradford is one of the most multicultural cities in the UK with a large black and ethnic minority population. The EDL’s presence in Bradford will be very unwelcome with many. Many local residents and trade unionists in Bradford are adamant that the EDL should not go unchallenged, and that we should make sure they know that they are not welcome.

A group was formed in early 2010 to tackle the problems with racism in Bradford, and they are now mobilising an independent demonstration on the 28th. Bradford Against Racism are calling on all concerned parties to attend and be safe. Please contact them via their website: http://bradfordagainstracism.wordpress.com/

It is imperative that anti-fascist action is taken up withing working class communities and not parachuted in as is so often the way with this action. When that happens it often angers local people – those who are actually affected – and causes violent situations. Action taken should be multilateral and led by the grassroots workers’ movement with involvement in local working class communities. We should not align ourselves with those who seek to divide us further and reinforce the conditions that cause racism – i.e. the mainstream political elite.

If anyone is interested in travelling to Bradford from Sheffield, please contact the Branch Secretary who will be attending in a personal capacity.

Rosie Huzzard
Personal Capacity



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