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‘TPIP Transformation Update 03/09/2010

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TPIP Project – Update for members on 11 TPIP sites

TPIP ‘Pause’ Continues
The pause in the implementation of the TPIP project continues while management decide how the project should proceed. It is now likely that decisions on the future of TPIP are to be made shortly with an announcement expected soon after that.

PCS has been using the ‘pause’ to argue strongly that there should be no further roll out of the 7 remaining TPIP sites. We believe there are alternative strategies that deliver the improvements to telephony that management seek without the further major upheaval that would be caused by proceeding to roll TPIP out.

PCS is stressing to management that the key aims of TPIP have already been achieved. The separation of the management of telephony work from processing has already happened. There is therefore no need to proceed with further roll out. Additionally stopping the TPIP roll out would save millions of pounds. At a time when money is so tight across DWP, there is no justification in unnecessarily wasting money on TPIP when it could be better spent elsewhere, not least on retaining FTA staff.

PCS is pressing management to continue to seek transfers for staff who have said they want to opt out of TPIP and move elsewhere. Although the staffing situation in Jobcentre Plus has made transfers exceptionally difficult to arrange, we do not believe that should justify ending this process. It serves no one’s interest to continue to employ staff in a job they do not want to do and every effort should continue to be made to find alternative posts.

Reasonable Adjustments
PCS is continuing to urge management to do more to put in place reasonable adjustments for the staff transferred into CCD under TPIP but who are unable to work on telephony. Management’s progress on this so far has been unacceptably slow and far more could, and should, have been done in advance of the transfers to avoid this problem occurring.

Band A’s/AA’s
Members will be aware of the offer of voluntary redundancy that the employer has made to the Band A’s/AA’s in the 4 TPIP sites that have converted into contact centres. PCS is aware that this announcement has caused some anxiety for Band A/AA members. However management have confirmed to PCS again their guarantee that no Band A/AA’s will be made surplus as a direct result of the TPIP transfer and they will continue to find suitably graded work for these Band A/AA’s to do.

Working Conditions in CCD
The GEC is continuing to press for improvements to working conditions in CCD. Management’s refusal to implement the successful pilot on flexitime that was run at Blackburn contact centre is a major disappointment. The pilot was extremely popular and was liked by managers as well as staff. CCD management should listen to their staff and implement a proper flexi-time system in CCD. Their failure so far to do so makes achieving the essential improvements to working conditions considerably harder.

All the feedback that PCS receives from members in the sites that have transferred is of oppressive management, unnecessary restrictions and very low morale. The GEC is considering what measures need to be taken if negotiations fail to make the progress members expect. PCS members’ meetings will shortly be held in all the TPIP sites to explain how we are taking the campaign forward. Make sure you attend your meeting.

Charles Law
Negotiations Officer

Rob Williams
Group Assistant Secretary



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