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Contact Centre Staff to Strike: 20th/21st January 12/01/2011

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Staff in Sheffield Contact Centre and in six other ‘TPIP’ sites across the country are to take industrial action by going on strike on 20th and 21st January over a detriment to terms and conditions since the project was rolled out from October 2009.

Talks ended with Jobcentre Plus Contact Centre management on Monday this week, and with little concession, PCS feels that they have been left with no choice but to take strike action. Members in the TPIP sites voted in December to take action over demands for basic rights that most other DWP employees and staff in the wider civil service already have access to:

What are our demands?

  1. Retain, or restore, benefit processing work at the seven TPIP sites and retain the years of processing experience that our members have
  2. Give members a genuine choice over whether they transfer to CCD by only transferring volunteers to CCD and enabling those who want to transfer out of CCD to be able to do so.
  3. Improve the working conditions in CCD. Specifically:
  • An end to 7.24 scheduling, an end to management by targets and the abolition of real time management
  • Genuine access to full flexible working, full access to all DWP terms and conditions such as Special leave, Annual leave and a supportive approach to sickness and well-being at work
  • Respect at work including decent career development, promotion opportunities and good job design


The branch will spend the next few days before the action building solidarity and support across the branch and the city. Members from this branch, other PCS branches in Sheffield and other unions will be outside the Sheffield Town Hall from 12pm-2pm on Saturday on the Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance stall promoting solidarity for the strike. Please come and join us and show your support.

PCS Group Office’s statement on the strike can be found here.

PCS DWP Sheffield BEC



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