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Contact Centre Strike Huge Success 25/01/2011

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From PCS.org.uk

24 January 2011

The 2 day strike last week in the TPIP Contact Centres was a massive success.

Now for Action Short of a Strike

The 2 day strike last week in the TPIP Contact Centres was a massive success. In every office members responded fantastically to the union’s call for action and reps reported the highest ever numbers on strike. Large picket lines were mounted and the press coverage at both national and local level was excellent. Messages of support were received from across PCS and from other trade unions offering solidarity and well-deserved praise for our striking members.

There is no doubt that the strike was a massive show of strength by PCS members in these offices. They have made it absolutely clear to management that the status quo in CCD is not an option and Jobcentre Plus must now put forward the necessary changes to working conditions in CCD to resolve the dispute.

Keep the pressure on

The next task is to keep the pressure on management. Action short of strike action begins on the 7 TPIP sites on Monday 24th January. PCS is asking every member to use the mandate for action short of strike action to increase the pressure on CCD management. We will consult members about further strike action.

Action short of a strike

Action short of strike action is any kind of industrial action short of going on strike. It includes measures such as:

  • refusing to work overtime
  • insisting on contractual rights (e.g. taking a one hour lunch each day)
  • work to rule (i.e. following management instructions to the letter, avoiding work arounds and short cuts)
  • taking the time you need to do the non-telephony activities necessary for you to do your job properly (e.g. times for regular 1 to 1 meetings, coaching, team meetings, reading and responding to e-mails and guidance, completing test checks, e-learning, tea breaks, etc)

The way that CCD is resourced assumes that every agent will spend on average 2 hours 10 minutes per day on non-telephony activities. This recognises that members are not expected to spend all day on the phones and that good managers will understand that there are essential non-telephony activities that staff in contact centres can, and should be allowed, to do every day.

Members and reps may well have other ideas for action short of strike that would be effective in their office. The GEC wants to encourage any action short of strike activity that is effective while at the same time always avoiding anything that could result in members facing disciplinary action.

Extending the dispute to all of CCD

At the same time as action short of strike action begins, PCS will be seeking to extend the dispute across all the contact centres in CCD. Already members meeting in these contact centres have been held indicating strong support for the dispute. Management must understand that, if they are not prepared to offer the concessions necessary to resolve this dispute, they will have to face further disruption, not just on the 7 TPIP sites, but across all of CCD.



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