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CCD Strike Ballot – All Out This Time! 05/04/2011

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Members in Sheffield Contact Centre went out on strike in January in what was the best supported action in this branch’s memory. Now, we are to be joined by the whole JCP Contact Centre network in the upcoming action which was overwhelmingly supported.

Strike action ballot

Yes: 2,060 (70.1%)

No: 880 (29.9%)

Spoilt ballot papers: 33
Action short of strike action

Yes: 2,185 (79.0%)

No: 580 (21.0%)

Spoilt ballot papers: 208

The turnout was 42.9%.

The branch has long held a critical position of the time it took the PCS Group Leadership to get to this stage (around 18 months!), but we are pleased that it has finally happened. We always campaign for immediate action where our members are attacked so unilaterally over their terms and conditions.

We cannot deny that the turnout in this ballot was quite low, and we would urge the GEC to consider why this was the case. As above, we would suggest that ‘striking whilst the iron is hot’ may have been more effective.

What the time has done however, is proved how vile the Contact Centre environment is for staff – because those who were transferred through TPIP had worked in other parts of the business and so the contrast was more evident. This new ballot includes all contact centre staff, including those who have always worked there – it is up to TPIP staff and others in Jobcentre Plus to show them that there are other ways of doing things!

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