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It is absolutely vital that as many Contact Centre members as possible join the Sheffield Hartshead Square picket line on Monday 18th April.

The picket will run from 7am-10.30am, and members are encouraged to come for as much as they can. The peak times are between 8am and 9.30am.

After such a strong ‘yes’ vote and such a strong turnout in January, we do not expect many people to cross, but the stronger the picket line, the better our chances of turning people away and persuading them to join our cause.

Members in Sheffield know how terrible things are – we don’t need to remind you. But please encourage any colleagues who are wavering over the issue to stand strong with us.

For those who are concerned about financial hardship through money lost, there is the branch hardship fund which you can apply for after the strike. Due to low numbers of applications last time, there is still a substantial fund there to be used if needed.

Last time there wetre around 40 people (pickets and supporters) both days – let’s try and beat that! We already know that staff from other offices in the Branch (Cavendish Court, Hillsborough, Bailey Court, District Office, Woodhouse, Eastern avenue…) will be joining us in solidarity.  We also have word that some claimants want to come and show their support too.

It is likely that the local and perhaps national press will be interested again – let’s show them how angry we are.

Pickets and Supporters with GEC Member on the January Picket Line - let's make it bigger!



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