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Messages of Support for the CCD Strike 14/04/2011

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From: UNITE – T&G Section 8/9-10 Branch, Sheffield First South Yorkshire Platform Staff, Branch Secretary Martin Mayer, Chair Mo Emran

I am pleased to pass onto you the full support of our platform staff members at First South Yorkshire Buses, Olive Grove Bus Depot, Sheffield with regards to your PCS dispute with your employer in Job Centre Plus and Job Centre Call Centres.

Our members have full sympathy with your members’ plight as we have also had to fight to achieve respect and justice at work and deal with stressful pressures imposed on us by our own management – with some success I might add.

We wish you and your members every success in your national day of strike action on Monday 18th April.



SACA Supports PCS Dispute 18th April

Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance yesterday (12th April) pledged unanimous support to PCS members taking strike action on Monday 18th April at Sheffield Job Centre Plus Offices and Job Centre Call Centres in Sheffield and across the country.

Martin Mayer, SACA Chair, speaking at a Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance meeting yesterday, said “These good men and women who provide this essential service, ensuring welfare claimants receive the benefits to which they are rightfully entitled, are taking strike action because they are working under appalling stress. They deserve our support because they too are victims of the ConDem spending cuts which are forcing them to do more for less.”

Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance is 100% committed to defending our public services and welfare state, and those who work to provide these essential services. Many public sector workers, like these PCS members, are seeing their working conditions squeezed as budgets are cut excessively. They deserve our full support.

Martin Mayer

Chair, Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance



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