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DWP Weekly News 10/6 15/06/2011

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The latest news for members in DWP and CMEC.


Vote Yes for the alternative


  • No public sector job is safe as services are slashed
  • You face working longer and paying more for a smaller pension
  • Your pay is frozen while inflation soars
  • The government has ripped up your redundancy rights


Vote YES YES.  The ballot runs from 24 May to 15 June.


Management agree to go to ACAS to try to settle the CCD dispute


Following the meeting with the DWP Permanent Secretary last week, PCS met with Jobcentre Plus management this week for fresh talks about the CCD dispute.


Both sides agreed that it would now be helpful to meet with ACAS, the conciliation service, for further concentrated talks.


PCS members’ determination has brought management back to the negotiating table.


PCS firmly believes this dispute is fully resolvable. All that it is about is our members being listened to, about respect in the workplace, how best to organise their work and how best to serve our customers.


Talks with ACAS will start shortly and progress will be reported in this bulletin.



More reasons to vote YES YES


DWP have made a pay offer for 2011 to the unions. The offer is unacceptable because it is made under the government’s public sector pay freeze. DWP management have not done all they could have to make it better. Talks in CMEC continue.


49% of staff get no pay rise


Only 51% of DWP staff get a consolidated rise this year and even for them it will not cover rising inflation. The flat rate rises for those earning less than £21,000 are :-
Band A – £400, Band B – £465, Band C – £540. No one earning over £21,000 will get a consolidated pay rise.


More unfair bonuses


PCS argued hard that the bonuses must be fair. Instead management have chosen to pay much more to the highest grades and double to those getting a “wholly exceptional”. Again senior managers are ten times more likely to get a top box marking and a double bonus. The bonuses discriminate against disabled staff and part time staff and you are much less likely to get a top box mark if you work in PDCS or JCP. The system is unfair to almost everyone. Management are keeping back £7million for special bonuses paid secretly. We demand that money is used to improve everyone’s pay.




Additionally we asked for:


  • A no compulsory redundancy guarantee
  • Guaranteed rights to flexi and to take annual leave at peak times
  • A days flexi credit as a reward
  • Reinstating the weekly late opening for staff training.


Management could have given us all of these things. They have not.




This pay offer is insulting. The GEC meet next week to discuss it in detail and we will hold members’ meetings to consult you. Reject the offer, demand improvements from DWP and vote YES YES in the national ballot on pay, pensions and jobs.








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