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Overtime Ban Continues 21/07/2011

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Just a reminder to all staff that we are still under work to rule until the end of July. For most Jobcentre staff, this means:

– Total overtime ban

– No working out of grade or contract (so no TDA or extra duties for management)

Why do we have overtime bans in a dispute?

The impact of the strike is lessened by people working overtime – that backlog is cleared up. We may want to make up the money we lost, but ultimately it’s the same as crossing a picket line. Our members voted strongly (84%) for action short of a strike including an overtime ban, and we respect the democracy of this decision.

How can I help?

By not doing overtime, and not working out of grade. If you are on TDA, you should demand to be taken back to your substantive grade immediately while we are under work to rule.

You can also help with picketing overtime on Saturdays. There will be a picket at Hartshead Square from 8.30am this Saturday 23rd July.

More information is on the PCS website here: http://www.pcs.org.uk/en/news_and_events/pcs_comment/index.cfm/id/AC3195E1-15EE-415B-9C1DDE13CE6EEEE0



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