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Pensions Local Service Members Bulletin 09/08/2011

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DWP briefing

Department for Work & Pensions Group



To: Branch Secretaries, Additional Branch Contact, Regional Secretaries, and GEC

09 August 2011



Local Service Members Bulletin

Please copy to all Local Service members



1.      Selection exercise


Overall there are around 260 people who have been de selected in over 150 sites. This equates to roughly 20% of the previous staffing. From figures provided by management over 60% of successful candidates have been posted to their first choice roles. A number of staff have raised grievances against de-selection and, if successful at grievance, management will post them and have committed to carry any surplus in line with DWP policies. For unsuccessful staff they should have surplus status from 1 August 2011 and support is available to help with finding alternative jobs within DWP. In some locations staff are continuing to visit and should be given time for jobsearch activities within their normal working day (up to 40%). For staff that have not secured a future post they are expected to be managed by the redeployment support unit from 22 August. In the majority of cases there has been an interim redeployment manager in place but from 22 August this responsibility falls to one of over 30 redeployment managers. Management are looking at “meaningful work” for surplus staff across the whole of PDCS including moves into pension centres and DBCs where mobility allows, also assistance may be considered, in line with usual DWP policies, for those outside mobility.






2.      Postings


PCS are expecting that posting letters will be issued to staff by the end of August. These will

be issued to all staff of EO and above grade that were successful in the selection exercise, to confirm the site that they will be working from and this information will be recorded on RM. Members should check their current status

in advance of the exercise.  PCS has picked up a number of confusing messages from members in local service concerning proposals to change home offices as a result of the changes to the cluster structure as a result of the selection exercise and changes to visiting areas. Although individual cases are best dealt with as personal cases the overall policy is as existing DWP guidance i.e. if a business decision causes a change of site normal expenses and mobility rules apply. The underlying theme however is that the most cost effective routing should be used and CLM bases should reflect this. The complications with sites are often outside of PDCS control as Jobcentre Plus is the major occupier in the majority of sites that local service use and in some cases some sites have been identified for closure as part of Jobcentre Plus estates rationalisation.





3.      It is expected that management of Local service will move under the Work and Deputy COO directorate from 3 October 2011 and become the DWP Visiting service. Staff are unlikely to see an immediate change at local level.


4.      Local service Booking Centres (admin hubs)

Members will have seen managements note explaining the 3 sites that have been identified so far to deliver the booking function for local service. These are to be based in Glasgow, Cardiff and Birmingham. Glasgow will have 2 booking centres and Cardiff will have 2 centres bringing the total number of booking centres to 5. It is expected that Birmingham will be the first to go live around the end of September with work being migrated from some of the existing 53 hubs. Before work can be migrated staff have to be redeployed to the sites and the staffing is expected to be surplus staff from DWP/ OGDs rather than newly recruited staff. Work has been undertaken to re align the existing hubs with the clusters as there have been some boundary changes of local service clusters as a result of the recent right sizing exercise. The existing clusters have been brigaded into 5 booking centres 1. London and the South, 2. Midlands and the east, 3. Wales and the west 4. Northern & 5. Scotland and Borders.
Birmingham will cover booking centre 1, Cardiff will cover Booking centres 2&3 and Glasgow will cover booking centres 4&5.  Cardiff is expected to go live towards the end of the year with Glasgow to go live in April 2012. PCS are engaging with the employer via the TU Side and the Health and Safety Committees to address the issues that arise from centralising the booking function including timing and routing of visits, security procedures and redeployment opportunities for existing hubstaff. Management are currently looking at the dates that the existing hubs work transfers and staff will get surplus status in advance of this date in the vast majority of cases. Management have also given a commitment that they will not prevent admin hub staff from taking up other opportunities within DWP before the hub closure date. Staff will move to the redeployment support unit on the day work migrates.



Management have given a commitment to redeploy staff at AO and EO grades, whilst this may be difficult in isolated locations it is a general commitment that is mirrored across DWP at those grades. PCS believe that this will be difficult to achieve due to the varied locations of staff in local service and restructuring in other parts of DWP.


Sam Hall

Group Assistant Secretary


David Wilkinson

Negotiations Officer




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