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Important Info Regarding Remploy Demo Outside Steel City House this Friday 18/08/2011

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Members may be aware that a demonstration has been organised in support of Remploy workers outside Steel City House on Friday 19 August. PCS has not been involved in the organisation of this event, but we have spoken to the organisers to better understand what it is about.

As many of you will know, Remploy aims to support disabled workers and those with complex barriers to work. The organisation is one of the largest employers of disabled people in Britain. The aim of the demonstration on Friday is to attract publicity to the campaign to save Remploy factories, which have been designated for closure. It is not aimed at any DWP staff in Steel City House in particular. We understand the building was chosen due to DWP’s role in setting Remploy policy. Members should therefore be assured that this is not a protest aimed at them personally, rather it is about the decision to close down the organisation, itself a consequence of the public sector cuts.

We understand that, amongst other things, demonstrators will be asking members of the public to sign a petition. There is no bar to DWP staff doing this, provided it is in a personal capacity and no link is made to their employment by the department.

Please see below a number of circulars on the matter from Bill Ronksley, Secretary of Sheffield Trades Council

Cir.2011-29 (REMPLOY)

1.REMPLOY 1 2011-07-29

2.REMPLOY 2 2011-07-29

3.REMPLOY 3 2011-07-29

4. REMPLOY 4 2011-07-29






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