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30th November and beyond…Meeting and Motion. 28/11/2011

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The below motion was passed at the last BEC, where PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka was present. Mark did not necessarily agree with the majority view of the BEC on a future strategy, and any member who would like details of this is welcome to discuss with their rep.

The resolution to call a meeting on 30th November has been carried out, and the leaflet is available here.

Where Next After November 30th?

An informal discussion meeting hosted by PCS DWP Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam UCU union branches.

Strike Day – Wednesday 30th November

3.30pm – 5pm

Upstairs at The Red Deer

Pitt Street, Sheffield (off Mappin Street, off West Street)

 Come and discuss questions such as…

  • How do we win the pensions fight?
  • How should we escalate the campaign?
  • Should we plan for rolling and selective action?
  • When should the next strikes be, and how do we demand them?
  • Who should decide the strategy – the union leadership or the rank and file?

Motion to BEC

This branch believes:

– To win the pensions battle, the labour movement will need to mobilise on a scale not seen for a generation;

– It will take more than isolated, one-day protest strikes to beat the government. Sustained strike action as well as rolling and selective strikes will be needed;

– For workers to feel confident in taking the sustained industrial action necessary, they must have ownership over their own struggle. A successful strike movement cannot be built without mass, active participation.

This branch resolves:

– To work with other union branches and the Sheffield Trades Council to call for the current ‘South Yorkshire Activists Forum’ to be a cross-union strike committee for South Yorkshire, which meets regularly in the run up to Nov 30th and afterwards and makes democratic decisions on the running of strike activities in South Yorkshire.

– To use such a strike committee to organise effective picketing on 30 November and a local strikers’ assembly, which will discuss strategy, in addition to any rallies/marches on the strike day itself;

– To demand that our union leaders immediately name a timetable of escalating action after 30 November into the New Year;

– To demand that our union’s national negotiators keep the membership informed as to the content of all ongoing negotiations;

– To contact the PCS Sheffield Town Committee with the aim of establishing a voluntary strike levy to support members taking future action;

– To support others taking action against government cuts.

Rosie Huzzard



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