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And the winner is… 13/12/2011

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Congratulations to branch member Gareth Evans of Sheffield Contact Centre, who has been awarded first prize in the UnionLearn Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Annual Writing Competition.

We will be having a small presentation ceremony for colleagues who wish to show their support for Gareth. You will need to attend in your own time, but management have stated they will be sympathetic in terms of changing lunchtimes for this purpose. Any problems with release, please contact Tom Bishell.

The presentation will be at 1pm on the 20th December in Room 307 (behind the canteen). We hope to be able to provide refreshments.

Gareth’s winning entry is below:

The Taverna at Sigri

The taverna at Sigri stands blue, white,
And nameless at the end of desert roads;
Entirely contained, absolute, grounded,
Just a quayside to mutter of elsewheres.
We eat small fishclothed in curls of batter,
Tomatoes taut with the tang of the sun,
Salt feta and olives – you like them now –
Drink red wine brought cold in an alloy can.
On the white beach afterward I sit shocked
By solar heat, feel myself made x-rayed,
Translucent, about to disappear, as
I watch you swim in water thick with light.


The road at Robin Hoods Bay cuts steeply
Down, bridges the stream at the ferned ravine,
Lands among name-boarded pubs that it scoots
Between to the high tide harbour slipway.
In the Laurel Inn, lodged round a table
Crammed between coal fire and local chit-chat,
We duck April rain and drink beer brown as
The meat pie gravy soaking the fat chips.
No sunbathing later, a sharp fret stings
Faces and full flood blocks the beach, grey road
Sliding  seamlessly into sea. I watch
The dark water roil and slop the stonework,


Find myself both present and distant in
One instant, comprehend it is all one
Water, the world’s wrapping, its wide stretched yet
Wrinkling skin, reaching from here to Sigri,
Archangel to Brooklyn Bridge, all the shores
Rehearsed in school geography; places
I sat writing while you swam, places we
Have been, will never be, will be again.



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