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Christmas Flexi Credits: An Open letter to Robert Devereux on behalf of all PCS members in DWP 13/12/2011

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Please see below a response to this Christmas message from Robert Devereux’ to all staff, from the PCS Group President:

We’ve all seen, at first hand, your hard work this year – both in our teams, and in other parts of DWP.

Together you’ve delivered to millions of people, and have laid the ground for major reforms in the future. You should be rightly proud of your achievements as Civil Servants.

Thank you for all your hard work.

As we head towards Christmas and New Year holidays, we hope that everyone will get some well-earned rest and time for families, friends and festivals.

DWP Executive Team


Re: Thanks from the Executive Team

Dear Robert

Once again PCS members find themselves being thanked, deservedly so, for all their hard work this year in DWP.

You correctly point out that we have delivered for millions of people and that we should be rightly proud of our achievements as civil servants.

Members in other areas have found their hard work rewarded by more than kind words. A Christmas flexi credit has been awarded to CMEC staff for example.

Members in DWP have worked tremendously hard this year and with unemployment continuing to rise and workloads increasing they are likely to have to work harder in January.

I would ask you on their behalf to consider awarding a flexi credit in recognition of their outstanding effort.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely


DWP Group President






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