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All out on May 10th! 30/04/2012

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Why we are striking on 10 May

The government want PCS members to:

  • Pay more – Extra pension contributions have been imposed for most civil servants –with further increases planned for the next two years.
  • Work longer – Civil service retirement is now linked to the state pension age – that’s already rising to 68 and the government says it will get higher.
  • Get less – Changes to indexation from RPI to the lower CPI inflation mean pensions fall by 15 to 20%.

And a two-year pay freeze is to be followed by 1% rises. New regional pay plans mean that everyone outside London might face further cuts.

We can’t afford not to

Civil servants and other public sector workers are uniting to defend everything we have worked for.

The government is

  • Making civil servants pay up to three times as much for smaller pensions after working up to eight more years – or even longer.
  • Freezing wages while prices are soaring

The latest scheme is regional pay – which would mean wage cuts for everyone outside London.

The strike is your chance to take a stand with colleagues from across government departments and with other trade unions across the public services.

We are demanding real negotiations with the government, not imposed cuts.

Who else is involved?

Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers across the civil service, the health service and education will be joining the 10 May walkout.

What you can do:

Together we can win.



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