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Censored! 12/06/2012

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Recently, the branch received a number of posters through the post from PCS HQ. These posters include quotes taken from a PCS survey of Contact Centre staff, and give a nod to some of the regular issues that CCD staff face at work.

We put up the posters on the union notice boards in Hartshead Square. Subsequent to putting posters up we discovered that senior local management had been removing these posters without speaking to us. One of our reps was later approached by a manager and asked to stop putting them up, because they were related to industrial action. The posters in no way mention or reference industrial action of any kind. You can see for yourselves, as we have to PDF files of the offending articles here:

2012 CCD Posters.1

2012 CCD Posters.2

2012 CCD Posters.3

2012 CCD Posters.4

2012 CCD Posters.5

2012 CCD Posters.6

2012 CCD Posters.7

We did in fact manage to get a few pictures of our handiwork before it was ruined:

We are currently discussing the matter with the Employee Relations team as we don’t believe that these posters are any violation of policy or the Employee Relations framework (as we don’t think they are), but in the meantime, the noticeboards look like this:

It is now the case that the above ‘censored’ posters have been taken down, because, apparently, they are “linked” to the original posters, which in turn, are “linked” to industrial action. Tenuous links to say the least…

PCS is an independent trade union and freedom of speech is important for members to stand up for their rights. While we don’t expect management to agree with us all the time (or in fact, very often), as a recognised trade union, we believe that it is vital that members’ views on their working conditions are permitted to be displayed within our offices.



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