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PCS Posters banned by Contact Centre Management 19/06/2012

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The branch has already taken this up locally and is currently continuing to pursue it. Posters have been removed on most of the noticeboards. As this circular rightly states, however, this has caused even more interest! Please visit the link below for the posters, now available online.

From PCS DWP Group Office

The DWP GEC recently issued a series of posters for our reps to display on union notice boards in the ex-JCP contact centres. The posters highlighted several of the issues that are part of PCS’ campaign for better working conditions in DWP contact centres.

Management Object

Almost immediately after PCS reps began to display these posters on their union notice boards, Contact Centre management objected. Managers began to instruct reps to take the posters down and, where reps did not to do this, some managers took the posters down themselves, effectively banning PCS from displaying the posters on union notice boards.

Management have claimed that the posters breach the Employee Relations Framework, They claim that the posters are either offensive or are an incitement to industrial action. Neither of these allegations are accepted by PCS. The posters are no different in content or tone from many other posters that PCS regularly displays in offices. The posters make no reference at all to industrial action and it is therefore impossible to see how they could be seen by management as an incitement to industrial action.

Posters now on PCS website

As a result of the decision of contact centre management to ban these posters from office

notice boards, there is now much greater interest in the posters than there would otherwise have been. In order to allow members to see the posters, they can now be found on the DWP Group pages on the PCS website. See the attached link.


PCS has asked management for a full explanation as to why they have refused to allow these posters to be displayed.

Charles Law

Industrial Officer




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