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Contact Centre Ballot 21/06/2012

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Contact Centre Dispute – ballot of members begins 25th June

20 June 2012

In the light of the failure of recent negotiations with management to secure the improvements needed to end the contact centre dispute, the DWP Group Conference instructed the DWP GEC to consult members in Contact Centre Services (CCS) on further discontinuous industrial action as soon as possible after Conference.

This consultation with members will take the form of a postal ballot to all members in CCS. The ballot papers will be issued on 25th June 2012. Ballot papers need to be returned by members to the Electoral Reform Society by 11th July 2012.

The ballot will ask members two questions.

These are:

Do you agree with PCS’ recommendations that:

  1. Further improvements to CCS working conditions are needed before the contact centre dispute can be resolved.
  2. Do you support the continuing campaign of action aimed at winning concessions on working conditions in CCS – including further discontinuous strike action?

PCS is urging members to vote YES and YES.

This ballot is a vital part of our campaign for better working conditions in CCS. It is crucially important that every member votes and that we achieve the maximum possible turnout in the ballot. A huge vote in support of the union will send a loud and clear message to management. A loud and clear message that says:

• PCS members overwhelmingly reaffirm their support for the union’s campaign
• PCS members are as determined as ever to continue the campaign and to win real improvements
• PCS members are willing to take further industrial action in order to achieve this

Little progress in Negotiations

PCS will continue to seek a negotiated settlement of the dispute and will continue to meet with management in order to do so. It has been over a year since the last strike in this dispute and we have proved that we will try everything to resolve the dispute without further strike action.

However the negotiations have now run out of steam and, since the interim agreement last year, there had been little significant progress in the talks. In this situation we need to step up the pressure on management. The best way to do this is by members voting YES and YES in large numbers in this ballot to secure the further improvements we need.

What we want

  • Additional staffing to deal with unacceptable work pressures, enable staff to have a proper work life balance and to relieve unacceptable levels of stress.
  • A new job design that moves away from the concept of separating telephony work from processing work to produce a more rewarding job for our members and an improved service for our customers.
  • An end to the oppressive management culture in CCS exemplified by unreasonable targets on staff, the harsh attitude to sickness and the management view that any time spent away from the phones is wasted time.

Make sure you vote

Members are urged to make sure they vote. If you have not received your ballot paper by Monday 2nd July please contact PCS Leeds. Ballot papers must be returned to Electoral Reform Services, using the reply envelope in the ballot pack, by 11th July 2012. Every vote counts and every vote in favour of PCS recommendations increases the pressure on contact centre managers to make the improvements to your working conditions that you so badly need. VOTE YES and YES.





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