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Support the Overtime Ban! 21/06/2012

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Sheffield Contact Centre is offering JSAOL Overtime this weekend – the branch asks members to continue to respect the overtime ban and not to take up overtime work, which undermines the Pensions Campaign.

8 June 2012

PCS members are urged to refuse overtime in the campaign against the government’s planned pensions robbery.

This is an essential part of our industrial action to avoid employers asking people to do extra work to catch up after the 10 May strike, which would undermine its effect.

The government is trying to slash our pensions, freeze our pay and cut jobs. Despite this, in many areas overtime working continues to be offered.

PCS believes this emphasises that the cuts are neither sustainable nor justified. Working overtime is likely to mask staffing deficiencies and help the planned reduction in staffing levels – to the detriment of members and the public alike.

Overtime is usually voluntary and we are asking all members not to do any voluntary overtime until at least the end of July. If there is any compulsory or conditioned overtime which is counted as contractual pensionable pay in your area, then you should still do that.

If Saturday or Sunday working is classed as voluntary overtime, rather than part of the normal shift rota, members should not do it. Likewise, if you work part time additional days should not be worked if that work would be undertaken on a voluntary basis.

The overtime ban is lawful industrial action because we balloted members on taking this action.

If your employer makes any threats to deduct pay or take other punitive action as a result of the overtime ban, please contact your local PCS rep for advice. PCS will resist any such threats.



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