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Thousands on Strike On Monday Over Contact Centre Campaign 14/08/2012

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Contact Centre Strike – thousands on strike

13 August 2012

Thousands of PCS members in DWP Contact Centres were on strike today over the long-running dispute over working conditions.

Reports from the contact centres show that members have again backed the union’s call for strike action in very large numbers. Large pickets have been mounted outside the contact centres and the mood of members has been positive and determined.

By taking this action members have clearly shown to management that they will not accept the working conditions that currently exist in CCS and that they remain ready to take strike action to get the improvements they need.

PCS DWP Group office has received many messages of support from across the country. Messages have come from individuals and also from representatives from other trade unions as well as from other interested groups.

The strike has received widespread media coverage. There have been articles in the national press as well as interviews with PCS representatives in the national media. There has also been excellent media coverage in the local and regional media.

The strike was given a last minute boost when PCS learned that HMRC have agreed to recruit 1,000 extra staff to address their staffing shortages. As many of the problems over working conditions in CCS stem from the staffing shortages there, many will now be asking DWP management, if HMRC can recruit extra staff, then why can’t DWP do the same. Stress is at record levels in CCS and new staff are urgently needed to address this unacceptable situation and provide the much-needed relief for our members in CCS.

Management must now address the causes of this dispute. PCS members have given management the clearest possible signal by supporting the strike in such large numbers. Management must now accept that they can no longer continue to run the contact centres in the way they have done up to now and that major changes are required, and required quickly, to prevent further strikes being called.



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