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Support for Atos Protest by Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) 21/08/2012

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Members may have heard from management that there will be a protest in Hartshead Square on next Tuesday 28th August.
This is a demonstration called by the campaign ‘Disabled People Against the Cuts’, which is part of a broader programme of action against the government and DWP’s cuts to services and benefits for disabled people, against the harsh tactics used by Atos in work capability assessments, and so on. It is also in relation to the fact that Atos, who oversee the DWP’s disability and health assessments, are a primary sponsor for the Paralympic Games this year, something which inevitably leaves more than a bitter taste in the mouth of those left destitute, or in view of the thousands who have died after negative decisions.

PCS nationally, and this branch, fully support DPAC in their aims, and extend our solidarity to this protest. We ask that members who may come across the protest on their break or lunch or when starting/leaving work, extend solidarity – Trade Unions are part of a large movement for peoples’ rights and disabled peoples’ rights is also included in this.

The branch will be sending a letter of solidarity to DPAC for their protest.

Atos workers are also represented by PCS and we will be speaking to their rep as well.

There is more information about the protests available on the DPAC website here: http://www.dpac.uk.net/2012/08/latest-information-on-atos-games-week/



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