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No Compulsory Redundancies! Vote YES for strike action and an overtime ban! 27/12/2012

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Don’t forget to vote. Make sure you return your vote by 10 January.

The DWP has issued compulsory redundancy notices to 43 staff. PCS is balloting all members in the DWP for strike action and an overtime ban to oppose these compulsory redundancies and for more staff.

There is no justification for these redundancies

  • We need more staff not less
  • You could be next
  • Social Fund staff face an uncertain future next April when most of it is abolished.
  • Initiatives like the introduction of electronic post scanning threaten many AA posts.
  • DWP keep cutting sites. 3 Jobcentres in the North West were cut last month.
  • Future changes, like Universal Credit and PIP that drastically increase the automation of processing and self-claiming online, put many jobs at risk.
  • It’s not just AA’s being made compulsorily redundant. It is AO staff as well.

Our pay is frozen or cut, our pensions attacked, our terms and conditions attacked and our jobs are getting more stressful, redundancies are a last straw that we will not accept. Our union has done everything possible by negotiation. The DWP’s decision to hand out compulsory redundancy notices to these staff is an act of extreme provocation.

We can stop these compulsory redundancies

Our case is strong and action by PCS members can get management back into negotiations to find a settlement and protect our job security. Action by PCS members has won improvements in contact centres, more staff in Merseyside and better Christmas leave in Pension Centres.

Use your vote – Vote YES/YES



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