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PCS to call fresh Strike Ballot after Government refuses to negotiate 22/01/2013

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Vote YESPCS to call fresh Strike Ballot after Government refuses to negotiate

A quarter of a million civil and public servants will be balloted for strikes after the government refused to negotiate over cuts to pay, pensions and working conditions.

The union wrote to the Cabinet Office and civil service employers before Christmas asking for talks on the key issues affecting the lives of civil servants and the services they are able to provide to the public, which were refused.

The ballot is set to start on Friday 8th February, and close on Monday 4th March.

If the government continues to refuse to negotiate the union will make plans for a series of strikes over a period of time, including full and half-days, and shorter walkouts. It is also writing to other unions to seek discussions about the possibility of co-ordinated or supportive action.

Ministers are yet again using the civil service as cover for the failing austerity measures, attacking our rights and making claims without foundation. After huge staff losses, we are worked harder than ever to provide the public services we all need.

Far from being rewarded, we are paying more Pension contributions for a smaller Pension, facing pay cuts through low/no pay rises amid rising inflation.

We now face reductions in our working conditions, potentially introducing longer working hours, and fewer family friendly policies, with no regard for the devastating effect this will have on our workforce, especially on lone parents, and those with caring responsibilities.

There is an alternative

PCS said over 2 years ago that austerity wouldn’t work, and that we needed an alternative of investment in public spending and a rigorous clampdown on tax avoidance and evasion.

The union continues to call for a minimum pay rise of 5% or £1,200 for all civil servants this year, for the living wage to underpin all government contracts, for no cuts to terms and conditions, and no increase in pension contributions, no increase in the pension age and no reduction in pension benefits.

This new national ballot replaces the one the union held in June 2011 which led to strikes over pensions in that year and 2012.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Civil and public servants are working harder than ever to provide the services that we all rely on, yet their lives are being made more difficult by cuts to their jobs, pay, pensions and now even their basic working conditions.

“Instead of rewarding them for their effort and commitment, this Tory-led government is pressing ahead with cuts that are wrecking our economy, while shamefully trying to deflect the blame for failure onto civil servants.

“We are not prepared to accept these cuts and, if the government continues to refuse to talk to us to try to reach a settlement, we will be drawing up plans for a series of walkouts in the coming months.”

PCS DWP Sheffield strongly encourages all members to vote when their ballot arrives, every vote counts!



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