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Official 1pm Walkout on Friday 5th April 02/04/2013

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Members will be aware that there is industrial action this Friday. PCS members are striking from 1pm in an OFFICIAL WALKOUT – this means you WILL NOT be disciplined for taking action.

  • On 5 April members are being asked to leave work at precisely 1pm (unless you are in the contact centre and are scheduled to finish work at or after 5:15 – see below). For some members working with the public this will mean terminating a call, a visit or a conversation that they are having at 1pm.
  • Our members need to tell the members of the public politely but clearly that they are finishing work at 1pm because they are on strike from that point and they need to leave the building or terminate the visit.

If you work in the Contact Centre and you have a scheduled shift finish time on Friday that is on or after 5:15, or if you work a short shift and want to know how the half day loss of pay impacts on your pay and flexi. Please read this part (vitally important!). Everyone else – walk out at 1pm sharp using the above guidance:

– If your shift is due to end between 5:15 and 5:30, please walk out at 1:30

– If your shift ends between 5:31 and 6pm, please count back 3hrs 42mins from the end of your shift and walk out at that time

  • Example 1: Your shift is scheduled to finish at 6pm, you should take an hour’s lunch at 1:18 and tell your manager you are not coming back (technically the official walk out time is 2:18 but you don’t need to come back)
  • Example 2: Your shift is scheduled to finish at 5:30pm, you should walk out at 1:18 and take a 30 min lunch as above

– Whatever the hours you work, management will take a 50 percent pay docking from you. If you work more than half your shift before the walkout, you can build flexi from the point at which you have worked half your shift

  • Example 3: You work 10am-2pm. Management will dock your pay from 12pm. You should stay at work until 1pm and walk out with your colleagues. You will accrue an hour’s flexi to take back another time.

If you have any questions at all about this, please contact your rep immediately for advice. We recommend all members leave by 1:18 at the latest on the ‘lunch break’ tactic we suggest above. All members should be off all sites by 2:18, in time to go to the meeting in the Town Hall at 2:30pm.

There will be a picket line outside all offices from 1pm, and then we will be encouraging all members to make their way to the following event organised by the PCS Town Committee (which includes our branch). You should join the picket line at your office as you walk out:

PCS Sheffield Town Committee – Meeting / Rally

PCS Sheffield Town Committee has organised a meeting/rally on the 5th April 2013. The meeting will be held at Quaker Meeting House (Main Room, Ground Floor), at 2.30 pm. Hot drinks and biscuits are available at a small price. The room will be available from 1.30 pm for branches arriving early

All PCS members and members from other unions, community groups and supporting organisations based in Sheffield are welcome to attend and contribute to the meeting. Each branch on the Town Committee has been asked to nominate a speaker.

Members need to be aware of the following information, please take some time to read this and keep up to date.

Leaflet for April 5

Guidance for how to organise a walkout (mostly for reps, but useful for members too):

FAQ For April 5



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