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Sheffield Contact Centre Members Strike Ballot – Defend your Reps – Defend your Union! 09/04/2013

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Defend Your Union

Defend Lee Rock

Our most experienced union representative in the Contact Centre, Lee Rock, was sacked for ‘unsatisfactory attendance’, on 22 February. Lee was given a written warning on the 21 September 2011. Due to his disabilities, depression and Crohns, Lee had an 11 day absence consideration point.

In the period 27 September 2011 to 26 September 2012 Lee was absent on sick leave for 11 days. This was exactly his consideration point. This is supposedly the reason he has been dismissed.  The facts are:

#          Lee reduced his hours on health grounds as of 1 January 2013.

#          At the time Lee was actually dismissed he had not had a sick day for over twelve weeks.

#          And he had only had 2.5 days sickness in the previous 6 months.

#          And he was 2.5 days below his consideration point.

PCS nationally believe that the decision to dismiss Lee is very harsh.  This view is confirmed by the statistics we have following ‘freedom of information’ requests.

PCS believes that the DWP have unfairly treated Lee and not properly followed their own guidance which clearly states that, “formal action should not turn on a disabled employee going a day or two over their consideration point” In view of this official advice the dismissal is clearly harsh and wrong.

We are clear in our view that Lee would not have been dismissed for this level of sickness if he was not a well-known TU rep who has been a thorn in management’s side. Our concerns are supported by the fact that his trade union activity was unnecessarily and inappropriately referred to in the recommendation for dismissal.

In Lee’s case it is important that we show our determination to fight when management victimise one of our union reps. That is why we are asking you to support your union by voting YES to strike.  Your vote must be returned by Monday 22 April.

Use your vote – Support Lee Rock
Vote YES for action



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