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Sheffield Contact Centre Local Ballot Result – The ballot is won, now we must fight to win reinstatement and defend our union! 23/04/2013

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The results of the ballot regarding strike action surround Lee Rock’s recent victimisation on trade union grounds and to defend the union from management attacks are as follows:

The ballot is won.

62% in favour
38% against

The turnout was 45%

This is excellent news and shows that the members here are not swallowing the spin Sheffield Contact Centre Management are trying to feed the about this being ‘just like any other Managing Attendance case’. It is not, it is an attack on union members as a whole and rest assured that if we lose this fight, it will be much easier to attack union members and reps with the most spurious of excuses in future.

The branch is calling an Emergency Members Meeting on Thursday 25th April at 5:30pm upstairs in the Bankers Draft pub off Hartshead Square.

This venue is not accessible, so if attending this will be an issue for you, please contact a rep and we will see what arrangements we can make.

There is an interview with Lee here about the campaign in the Weekly Worker: http://www.cpgb.org.uk/home/weekly-worker/958/lee-rock-interview-fight-against-victimisation

Copied below are just a few of the many messages of support which have been flooding in throughout the campaign:

“This is a disgraceful attack and the employer can’t be allowed to get away with it. Our union is our defence again pay cuts, draconian performance management and inhumane managing attendance policies. An attack on one of us is an attack on a all of us. The employer is trying to scare us into submission because they’re scared of what can happen when we fight back. I hope your motion passes at DWP Group Conference and their fear becomes manifest. Solidarity with Lee and the branch.”

Rebecca Allan
PCS MOJ North & West Yorkshire Branch Secretary

“Solidarity from Bootle Taxes Branch. Keep up the fight and best wishes to Lee.”

“Solidarity with lee and dwp sheffield branch.we are facing a disgraceful assault on our rights as tu reps and our ability to represent our members.”
Danny colleran branch secretary tyne view park PCS.

“Having ‘retired’ as an FTA (!!) from Bailey Court In-depth enquiries nearly two years ago, and having since been stricken with severe depression (having had 2 periods off sick at 112 West St with stress/work related depression), this attack on Lee strikes very close to home. It should be challenged with all the authority that branch – and beyond – can muster. An attack on one is an attack on all!”

“Three things struck me immediately:

Firstly the “questions for managers” says that when a member of staff with a DECP hits or just goes over it, action shouldn’t be automatic. Secondly the guidance states that dismissal is a last resort and shouldn’t take place if it’s likely that attendance will return to the required standard. Thirdly, subsequent to the referral, an adjustment was agreed and made. 2 days in 6 months and none from the date of the adjustment would suggest a return to the required standard had already been achieved by the time the decision was made.

It’s a blatant and direct assault on Lee Rock”

“Lee represented me recently due to Disability discrimination. His knowledge of policy and commitment to his union members is unquestionable. I have great respect for the union reps which are still available. However they are compromised without Lees presence. Sheffield, you need this man on your side.”
Mick Quinn



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