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Sheffield Contact Centre Strike – Tuesday 7 May 30/04/2013

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Stand together! Or fall one by one!

Stand together! Or fall one by one!

You can download this leaflet in PDF format here.

Following the ballot result for strike action (62% to 38% on a 45% turnout), the national union has informed the DWP that members employed in Sheffield Contact Centre are being called upon to take strike action on Tuesday 7 May.

This case is, and always has been, about the need to defend our union.

The attack from management locally is about weakening our union and those we elect to represent us.  If management do get away with this unfair sacking of Lee, which is clearly a result of being an active trade union rep, then all of us will be in a weaker position.

Local management are very worried about this campaign.  They have banned Lee from the premises even though members have a legal right to be represented by him.  Members are forced to go to Porterbrook House (off Eccleshall road) for cases.  Management have never given a reason for this banning.  The WSD District Manager has become involved in the dispute by even banning Lee from local JCPs!  This ban covers all of south Yorkshire.

Local management have also been spreading a rumour that Lee is being paid by the union.  This is untrue.  Lee was paid 3 months in lieu by the DWP with 22 February being his last day of employment.

Management may delay the decision on the case until after our strike – they may wish to see what support the union has for its senior reps.

The Branch is clear, that if the strike of Contact Centre members is not enough to reinstate Lee, then we will be seeking to ballot members throughout the Branch to join the Contact Centre members in further action.  That means we will be seeking to ballot members in the local JCPs, the Benefit Centre, pensions and fraud staff.

The union DWP Conference takes place at the end of May, and 18 branches have submitted motions calling for strike action concerning this case.  There are more motions on this subject than any other!

Please do your best to attend the picket.  We have already been promised a number of supporters will also be in attendance.  Hopefully this will be the largest picket in some years.

Stand Together!  Or fall one by one!


NB  There is a Branch Hardship Fund – please contact the Branch Chair: Ian.k.Furness@dwp.gsi.gov.uk



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