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PCS Black Members Seminar 26/05/2013

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DWP Black Members Seminar 2013

To get registration forms to attend please email Tom Bishell.

The 2013 PCS DWP Group Black Members Seminar will be held on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June at the PCS Office, Leeds. All PCS members in the DWP who consider themselves to be Black are eligible to attend.

All expenses travel and subsistence costs will be met by PCS. All applicants will be sent an acceptance form that they can then pass to their manager. However, you should apply for time off as soon as you apply for the course to avoid any problems.

The Seminar will provide comprehensive training and discussion of key industrial relations issues, encourages black members to become more involved in PCS and helps to shape PCS DWP Group equality policy.

The Seminar also elects half of the members of the DWP Group Black Members Advisory Committee (GBMAC) who, along with the committee members elected at conference, make recommendations throughout the year to the DWP Group Executive Committee.

The GBMAC meets regularly and elected committee members attend all meetings. Facility time may be available for this, as your role on the GBMAC will be to advise the GEC on industrial relations and bargaining with management in relation to equality issues as well as to provide support and mentoring to black members in the DWP and CMEC.

Application to take part in the seminar should be made on the attached form and returned to:

Annette Rochester, DWP Group Equality Officer, Seminar Applications, 3rd Floor Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds

If you wish to stand for election to Group Black Members Advisory Committee please ensure that you complete the appropriate section on the attached application form. Applications for the Seminar and election to the Group Black Members Advisory Committee must be received by no later than 12 Noon, Wednesday, 4 June 2013. Nomination to stand for election to the Group Black Members Advisory Committee will not be accepted at the Seminar.

A key aim of the seminar is to encourage more black members in DWP and CMEC to get involved in their union. Your local branch secretary will be notified if you apply to attend the seminar and asked to provide you with local support and encouragement.

The seminar is very popular and often oversubscribed. We will try to meet as many applications as possible but we are limited by the size of the venue.

Annette Rochester
DWP Group Equality officer



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