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Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign – Update and Model Letter for MPs 03/07/2013

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Further to the branch passing a motion in support of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (click here for that motion), at the last BEC on Thursday 20th June, Karen Waddington from the campaign came to make a presentation to the Branch Executive Committee about Orgreave, drawing parallels with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and explaining the impact on the local community and the Police cover up, for example, that armed police attacked pickets and pickets retaliated by throwing rocks, but that when the BBC showed the footage, they reversed it so that it looked like the pickets attacked first. Debunking this disgusting ‘spin’ is part of the demands of the campaign. We raised some money for the campaign and hope members will also donate what they can. Members and supporters can do one or all of the following to help the campaign:

  1. Complete this model letter and submit to your local MP
  2. Donate money to the campaign here
  3. Collect a poster for your window at home to let people in your area know you back the campaign. We have a number of posters in the Hartshead Square trade union room which you can just pick up from the desk by popping in, or we can send one to your office if you email tom.bishell@dwp.gsi.gov.uk or call 0114 2419803 during office hours.

There are also badges and t-shirts for sale to support the campaign, available via the website.



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