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National strike on 15 October – Britain Needs A Pay Rise! 24/09/2014

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National strike on 15 October – PCS to join 72 hours of action in public sector

23 September 2014


PCS national executive met today to consider the next steps in our national dispute in the civil service and related bodies.

The NEC decided that a national strike will be called on Wednesday, 15 October. The action will be coordinated with unions representing workers in the health service which have announced action on Monday, 13 October, and with unions in local government which have announced a strike on 14 October so that there will be 3 consecutive days of strike action over pay in the public sector.

Strike action is a last resort, but the government introduced a 2-year pay freeze in 2010 and in recent years has imposed a 1% pay cap for all public sector workers.

The action on October 15 follows the successful day of action on 10 Julywhen joint action took place with other public sector workers. Now we are stepping up the campaign with 72 hours of strike action in October aimed at securing a fair settlement.

The strike on October 15 will not include PCS members in Scotland working in bodies falling under the jurisdiction of Scottish Government ministers where we are working with colleagues in Unison Scotland to build for joint action aimed at tackling the Scottish pay gap.

Marching for fair pay on 18 October

Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers and their families, friends and neighbours are joining the fight for fair pay at a national TUC march and rally in London.

Across the UK pay cuts have damaged the economy and caused real hardship for millions of people. Our members are facing the tightest living standards squeeze for nearly a century.

Many are struggling to live as, over the last 4 years, the cost of food, fuel, childcare and housing has rocketed while, in real terms, pay has declined.

Since the start of 2008:

•    The real value of UK pay has fallen by 8.4%
•    The value of public sector pay has fallen by £11bn.

We all need a pay rise

Millions of people are suffering as their meagre wages hardly cover basic living costs.

As Rebecca who works for HMRC said: “I deserve a pay rise because I can’t afford to buy my own home, can’t afford to have kids, can’t afford to get married, can’t afford to buy food – to live, basically.”

If pay had kept pace with inflation, average civil service pay would be £2,300higher than it is now. But the government has announced that the pay cap will continue in 2014 and 2015 and possibly beyond.

Our pay claim seeks a:

£1,200 or 5% pay increase.

We need everyone to join in on 18 October to force the government to end the pay cap.

Back the PCS campaign

Britain Needs a Pay Rise

The Conservative-led government claims that they are fixing the economy and the cost of living crisis is over. However, the reality for the vast majority of people is that they are still not feeling the benefits of this so-called recovery.

By demonstrating in huge numbers we can send a powerful message that we will do everything we can to get a decent pay rise and liveable wages for all.

Play your part

More information will follow.



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