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Lee Rock successful at Employment Tribunal against DWP 11/05/2016

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Lee Rock has been successful at an Employment Tribunal regarding his dismissal from DWP. Lee and the branch want to thanks members for their interest and support through-out the last 3 years, and in particular those members who took strike action to demand Lee’s reinstatement/reengagement into DWP.

The case will now have a remedy meeting in the near future, where the resolution to the successful tribunal will be decided. We will of course, report this to members when we have more information.

Some of the quotes from the Tribunal include –

“The claimant had worked for the respondent for a considerable period of time.  He had worked for the respondent since 14 October 1985.  By the date of his dismissal therefore he had completed some 27 years of service.  The impact upon the claimant of losing his job was, on any view, considerable.”   “There is some merit in the claimant’s contention that the failures on the part of the respondent were so many and so manifest that capacity was but a pretext for the real reason for his dismissal which was upon the basis of his trade union activities.”   “The decision to dismiss him was therefore substantially unfair.”   “[The three managers who appeared before the tribunal] all appear to have been set upon the claimant’s dismissal.”   “We agree with the submissions that the three managers from whom we heard failed wholesale in their duties under the procedure.”

“These manifest failures ultimately led to the DWP ignoring what was said by its own Occupational Health Service.”

“When considering the equity and substantial merits of the case this [the decision to dismiss] was a manifestly unreasonable decision and one which no reasonable employer acting fairly would have reached.”



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