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Thursday 3rd November, 6.30pm to 8.00pm

United Reform Church, Chapel Walk, City Centre (opposite the Crucible)

All member are invited to the above Branch Meeting.  The main item for discussion is the union consultation regarding future political strategy of the union.  (We will be going for drinks after the meeting.)

Political strategy consultation

Views are now being sought on a number of areas PCS is involved in, which include:

Make Your Vote Count campaign – used to raise our issues directly with candidates and political parties at election times. How involved is your branch, and what has worked well for you?

Devolved areas – PCS already recognises that the lobbying process is different in the devolved areas and nations. What could work better, and how should we adapt to changes, such as the current strength of the SNP in Scotland?

Standing and supporting candidates – PCS has had a policy of standing and supporting candidates since 2012, although we have not implemented it to date. How does this fit in to the new political context?

Relations with the Labour party – PCS campaigns politically – for example, with our anti-austerity stance – but we are non-affiliated and politically independent of any political party. Should we recognise the shift in the leadership of the Labour party by reviewing our position on affiliation? How can we best support the anti-cuts policies of the current Labour leadership?

The consultation also addresses the work of our parliamentary groups and PCS’s support for proportional representation.

The union’s overall strategic review is taking a fresh look at every aspect of our work, considering how we can adapt to respond to a politically-motivated onslaught of attacks on our members, their jobs, pay and conditions and pensions.

Political campaigning is a vital tool used to advance our agenda in the workplace and back up our industrial strategy. Help us make sure it works for you and your members.

Read the consultation booklet here PCS Website.




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