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Insult to civil servants as ministers impose cuts 10/11/2016

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The need to vote yes in our ballot against the latest plans to cut redundancy pay has become even more important as ministers insist they will impose new terms.
In a despicable act of bad faith, the government has said the reduced terms for the civil service compensation scheme will come into effect tomorrow.

As by far the largest union in the civil service, we had asked the Cabinet Office to allow us time to organise a ballot, which opened yesterday and closes on 28 November.

We had already been debarred from talks after we refused to accept the outrageous conditions that we must first sign up to the detrimental changes.

We are urging members to vote yes in the ballot to reject the deep cuts to redundancy terms and register disgust at the way the government has managed the process.

As well as the ballot, our political lobbying campaign continues and we will pursue a legal challenge because we believe the government has acted unlawfully. The cuts include:

•The way redundancy payments are calculated to be cut from four to three weeks’ pay for every year of service
•Cutting the cap on voluntary exit and redundancy payments from 21 months’ salary to 18
•Cutting the compulsory redundancy cap from 12 to nine months
•Cutting access to early payment of pension, with the age at which this can be taken rising to 55 and tracking behind state pension age
As well as balloting, we are renewing our campaign against the job cuts and office closures they are designed to facilitate in towns and cities across the UK.

Our general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “This is a despicable act of bad faith against its own workforce by a government that after shutting us out of talks is now imposing more cuts so soon after saying the system was sustainable and affordable.

“As by far the largest civil service union, we quite reasonably requested more time to be able to consult our members, so the refusal to allow that and now this imposition are an unnecessary and spiteful insult to them.

“We will be fighting these changes politically and we are considering legal action.”



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