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Health and Safety

I (Clare Goonan) am the current Health & Safety and Welfare Officer for the branch.  The branch covers H&S and Welfare matters for all our sites.

Management are ultimately responsible for H&S and Welfare within the workplace, but everyone has a responsibility.  It is your duty to report any incidents to your line manager in the first instance.  If nothing is done, or you are unhappy with what is done, then that is when you need to alert your H&S rep.  It is particularly important that you report any accident or near miss, and that you encourage others to do so.  It is advisable to copy me into any of these reports.  Health & safety and Welfare covers a whole host of issues around the workplace from such mundane things as general housekeeping to what are perceived as serious incidents, staff protection, unacceptable customer behaviour, risk assessments, sick absences etc.

H&S committees meet at all levels from locally to nationally on regular basis.  Within Sheffield our own H&S reps attend their relevant committee meetings and raise issues on behalf of staff.  If you have any issues with H&S in your workplace, then contact the H&S rep on your site who will progress the issue for you.  If you are unable to contact them, you can contact me.

Quarterly inspections are carried out in every workplace.  TU H&S reps accompany management and Trillium on these.

All our local H&S reps receive the relevant training in order to carry out their function.

If you are interested in becoming a H&S rep at all, then please contact me for more information.

Clare Goonan
Branch H&S officer



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