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Union Learning

Welcome to the page for our Branch’s Union Learning Reps. We have a really commited team of ULRs led by Branch Learning Coordinator, Clare Goonan.  Clare will be updating this page soon, and in the meantime here is a message from the previous  Branch Learning Coordinator, Richard Boswell:

Richard: Welcome to the Union Learning section of the website. The main role of the Union Learning reps is provide a useful link for ALL staff to get back into education and lifelong learning. As Union Learning reps we signpost staff to various external education opportunities. We also work closely with internal OPD to look at the delivery of none job specific training.

One of our main priorities is Skills for Life. This is a pledge made by the department to get ALL staff a Current And Up to date level two qualification. This does not mean that if you have a level two qualification then you cant update your skills. We also arrange, plan and organise the Learning at work days, using our connections with providers etc.

As the branch learning coordinator my responsibilities are to make sure planned projects go according to plan and negotiate on behalf of staff. I also have strong links both district wide and regionally and attend regular networking meetings where we share ideas and projects etc.

This year will see many changes in how the union learning reps work due to a new agreement being in place. This will see changes in what projects we can run and the mentoring to staff we can offer in accordance to the priorities set out below.

Priorities for ULR Activity 2010:

  • Development of effective working relationship with DWP OPD teams at national, regional and local level;
  • Raising awareness and promotion of learning;
  • Raising awareness and promotion of the ULR service;
  • Skills for Life – i.e. literacy, numeracy and use of information/communications technology;
  • Develop existing network of learning centres – the establishment of a centre is dependent on the approval of a separate business case;
  • Engagement in Professional Skills for Government (PSG) activity;
  • Increased collaboration with local management regarding ULR activity;
  • Development of robust measures to capture ULR activity and achievement & to measure success.

In this section you’ll find information on what we’ve been doing locally and in the region, and any articles of interest.

If you’d like more information on a Union Learning reps work, please email Clare Goonan.




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