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Media and Campaigns

A collection of articles and links of interest to our branch, submitted by reps and members. These may be politically inclined or not. Please note that the views in any of these articles are not necessarily the views of the branch. The branch and the webmaster hold no responsibility for the content of external websites. The branch asks that any members using this website from work are mindful of the DWP Electronic Media Policy.

20/12/2011 Sheffield Star: ‘1,000 jobs’ under threat in Sheffield

30/11/2011 Sheffield Star: STRIKE: 10,000 public sector workers demonstrate in Sheffield – VIDEO

20/10/2011 LabourStart: Suzuki Strikers in India Shot At

8/4/2011 The Guardian: Government admits Jobcentres set targets to take away benefits

10/3/2011 BBC: Are call centres the factories of the 21st Century?

17/2/2011 Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance: UK Unemployed Betrayed: “UK Unemployed Damned for Being ‘Workshy'”

13/2/2011 Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance: “Cuts to ‘Lollipop Ladies’: an attack on low paid workers, a widespread effect on children and parents.”

31/1/2011 Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance: Sheffield Anti Cuts Demo Videos

31/1/2011 The Star: “Hundreds Take Part In Cuts Protest Rally”

24/1/2011 New Statesman: The battle against Benefits Cuts and Poverty Pimps

20/1/2011 Sheffield Telegraph: “Jobcentre Call Staff to Strike”

20/1/2011 HRZone.co.uk: “Jobcentre Plus Call Centre on Strike”

20/1/2011 Socialist Party: DWP Call Centre Strike (including photo and report from Sheffield Picket Line)

19/1/2011 BBC: Jobcentre Plus Call Centre Staff Set to Strike

14/1/2011 Community Care: Disability Benefit Cuts Will Force People Out of Work

12/1/2011 Solidarity: Jobcentre Plus Benefits Workers to Strike Against Casualisation

12/1/2011 Socialist Worker: Jobcentre Plus Call Centre Workers to Strike for Two Days

17/11/2010 Seffield Indymedia: SACA Launch Meeting

25/10/2010 LoveSheffield: Love Sheffield, Hate Cuts

21/10/2010 Solidarity: Jobcentre Plus Strike Ballot: Vote for Action

10/8/2010 BBC News: 15,000 Ministry of Justice Jobs Under Threat

2/8/2010 BBC News: Lapdancing ads banned from Jobcentres/A lap dancer’s story

4/7/2010 Guardian: Women to bear brunt of budget cuts

25/6/2010 BBC News: Welfare cuts put added health strain on population

28/5/2010 Weekly Worker: Critique of PCS Conference 2010

24/5/2010 The Guardian: TUC and PCS Opposition to Proposed Public Sector Cuts

13/6/2008 Sheffield Star: Our campaign to save Chapeltown Jobcentre

DWP Sheffield Branch Members showing solidarity to occupying Vestas workers at a South Yorkshire Stop the BNP Meeting




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