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Payday Protests-Vulcan House @ 1230. 27/06/2018

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Pay Protest


Pay Ballot Update 18/06/2018

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This week is another important week in building the campaign where we can influence the outcome of the PCS ballot for strike action that starts this week.

We want the unfairness of pay to be the topic of discussion in all offices in the next few weeks.

Actitvities so far planned this week are:

Encouraging everybody to wear the 5 % stickers on Tuesday 19th to show support for the pay campaign. In itself it may seem a small activity but we want to raise the conscious of Pay campaign in all the offices.

Leafletting the following offices, if you can help please contact Paul Suter:

Tuesday 19th

7.00 to 9.30am at
Kings Court
80 Hanover way
Sheffield S3 7 UF

Wednesday 20th

6.30 to 9.30am at
Home Office
6 Millsands
S3 8NU

Wednesday 20th
7.00-9.30am at
1 Hartshead Square
S1 2FD

Friday 22nd

2.30-3.10pm at
Home Office
6 Millsands
S3 8NU

If anyone has any more confirmed dates for leafletting, or other activities planned please let me know and I will share.

We are hoping to have dates for Hartshead and St Paul’s Parade confirmed shortly.

Vote yes in the PCS pay ballot when it opens on Monday. 14/06/2018

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It is vital that all eligible members vote yes for a 5% pay rise when our statutory pay ballot opens on Monday (18 June) and send a powerful message to the government.


The decision to ballot was taken by delegates following a vote at the union’s annual conference in Brighton on 22 May to support our 2018 pay claim, which calls for a fully-funded 5% pay rise.

The ballot will open on 18 June and close on 23 July.

The question members in the civil service and related areas will be asked in the postal ballot is: Are you prepared to take part in strike action?

We are currently in pay talks with the Cabinet Office. A decisive Yes vote will strengthen our hand in the talks and give negotiators a clear mandate from members.

Because of new trade union laws, to win the statutory ballot we need more than 50% of our total membership to vote. Voting can only take place by post.

It is vitally important that we achieve the 50% margin to give the union a strong mandate to proceed with our campaign.

Win the ballot

The government has refused to fund more than a 1% pay increase this year, with anything higher paid for by even more cuts. Civil servants in the Scottish Government, and staff in the NHS and local councils have all been offered pay rises of above 1%.

Now our members and representatives need to be ready to win the statutory ballot on pay. A strong yes vote will give us a mandate so the more members that vote for action the more the government has to treat us with respect and fairly.

Consultation on action

We won’t call industrial action without consulting with members first. We will consult members on the outcome of the talks with the Cabinet Office and on the type and duration of industrial action should it become necessary.

New members can vote

The deadline for new members to join and be included in the ballot is noon on Friday, 13July. Members who have completed an application to join PCS but are not recorded on our membership database Commix by this deadline will not be included in the ballot.

Procedures are in place for new members joining throughout the balloting period to be included in the ballot and therefore there is no need to request ballot papers.

Replacement ballot papers

Members should allow until Tuesday, 26 June to receive their original ballot paper, if this is not received by then, members should contact the PCS balloting office directly to request a replacement ballot paper by emailing balloting@pcs.org.uk

The email must contain details of your request, either your membership or national insurance number and your ballot address, including postcode. Ballot addresses are required to enable us to check the details we hold on commix and update as required before issuing a replacement ballot paper. Alternatively, balloting can be contacted on 020 7801 2810, have your membership or National Insurance number to hand.

The deadline for requesting a replacement ballot paper is noon on Monday 16 July.

Requests for replacement ballot papers must come directly from the member, under no circumstances are reps able to request replacement ballot papers or provide us with a member’s personal information on their behalf.

When the ballot opens on 18 June we need members to vote yes, return their ballot paper and make this year we get above inflation pay rises.

You can support the PCS pay campaign by:

Vote ‘YES’ on the pay ballot! 11/06/2018

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PCS are balloting members on industrial action over pay

We are holding a statutory ballot on industrial action over pay from 18 June to 23 July.

On 22 May, delegates at our annual delegate conference voted overwhelmingly in favour of an emergency motion on paycalling for a statutory ballot of members on taking industrial action over pay, put forward by our national executive committee.

The question members will be asked in the postal ballot is: Are you prepared to take part in strike action?

The new trade union laws mean that at least 50% of our eligible members in the civil service and related areas must take part in the ballot.

The more members that vote for action the more the government has to treat us with respect and fairly.

Not voting is really voting no. Not voting is accepting Theresa May treating members in an appalling way.

Pay claim

PCS made a 5% pay claim to the government but the Cabinet Office responded to say that it has only budgeted for a 1% pay rise for the UK civil service and related areas. This is despite other public sectors receiving higher offers.

PCS will continue to press for constructive talks to try to overturn the decision and secure a better pay offer for our members. In the event of a yes vote in our ballot, we would not call strike action until the outcome of any talks is discussed.

Get ready to vote

We need our members’ help to show the government we are serious about being prepared to do what is necessary to get our members an above-inflation pay rise.

The consultative ballot in October and November last year showed that PCS members want to take action to break the pay cap. Now all of our members and representatives need to be ready to win the statutory ballot on pay.

Re-cap on our campaign by looking at our timeline.

We will organise, we will mobilise and we will win.

Share your experiences

Some PCS members report that by the end of each month they face difficult choices between paying bills and putting food on the table. Let us know:

  • What have you have had to do to make ends meet?
  • If yours is a ‘just about managing’ family, what does that mean in reality?
  • What would an inflation-busting pay rise mean for you?
  • Email your stories to editor@pcs.org.uk

Get involved in the pay campaign

DWP Announce Delay in Paying 2018 Pay Increases 07/06/2018

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DWP have advised PCS that they will not be able to pay ANY 2018 pay increases on time.

Whilst we acknowledge that DWP do not yet have the 2018 pay guidance from the Treasury, meaning that we have not yet been able to begin negotiating pay for those who are not covered by Employee Deal, we do not believe that this should impact on those increases that were already agreed in 2016, as part of the deal, and that members are entitled to receive in July.

Even though we are demanding that DWP revisits the Employee Deal increases, and looks at pay for those outside it, there is no reason why, in the meantime, it could not pay the previously agreed increases that our members are expecting to receive in their July pay packets.

PCS have submitted a claim for a 5% increase across the Civil Service, and our demand in DWP is that this is paid on top of anything already agreed as part of the Employee Deal. Members who opted out of the deal have only seen a miserly 0.25% increase, and grades SEO and above have seen a continuation of the 1% cap, or even less, in their 2016 and 2017 increases. In addition a number of others have not seen the benefits of ED. However, many of those included in the deal have only seen rises a little above 1%, and inflation has increased significantly since the deal was signed.

ALL our members deserve a rise that keeps pace with the rest of the Civil Service and that goes some way to catch up on the losses suffered due to years of pay restraint in the public sector. Everyone should vote YES for action in the national pay ballot that will start on 18 June 2018.

DWP Move Eastern Avenue Date of Closure to the Public Forward 29/10/2017

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DWP management have decided to stepped up the already rushed closure of the Eastern Avenue site.

Friday the 3rd of November is now the revised date when Eastern Avenue Jobcentre will close its doors to the public.

Eastern Avenue members are continuing to strike and will be picketing each morning up to the originally notified closure date of Friday the 17th of November (between 0700 and 1000).

Please attend to show your support for the local community and the strikers.


Death of Justice Rally and After Party 29/10/2017

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When: October 31st Haloween Night @ 17:30.
Where: Sheffield, Devonshire Green.March to Sheffield Law Court.

Halloween night 2017 will see the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign organise its most frighteningly huge Demonstration to Date. The Campaigners will March with a wicked Samba Band , circus performers and Zombie army to highlight the Governments shocking decision not to launch an enquiry into the “Battle of Orgreave” which saw miners beaten up, fitted up and locked up.

The Orgreave Activists will then retire to the Shakespeare Pub for a night of spoken word and monstrous music a night not to be missed! And one which promises to be a real life “Nightmare for the Tories”



Scrap The Cap Demo 23/10/2017

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Many unions joined forces to demonstrate about the public sector pay cap in the Peace Gardens, Sheffield today.

As well as speaking out against the unfair pay limits on public sector workers they also spoke about the ongoing Eastern Avenue campaign.

See the video in full below (Copied from the Sheffield Star Facebook page).


Eastern Avenue Strikers Stand Firm 23/10/2017

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Despite attempts to speed through the closure of Eastern Avenue pickets turn out in great numbers at the start of their four weeks of action in defiance of the closure!


Further Eastern Avenue Strike Dates Announced 16/10/2017

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save-eastern-avenueAt members meetings in Eastern Avenue today members voted to request additional strike weeks for w/c 30th October 2017 and w/c 13th November 2017.

Notice had already been served to the employer for strikes w/c 23rd October 2017 and w/c 6th November 2017, but it was felt that increased action was needed following the announcement to close the site earlier than the was expected.

The National Disputes Committee agreed this and served notice to the employer to this effect.

This will mean members will be on strike from w/c 23rd October 2017 to the proposed closure date notified by management last week (17th November 2017).

The intent of this move is to bring pressure to bear on management to reconsider the ill advised and rushed plans to move staff to Cavendish Court and Bailey Court and further to halt the move to close Eastern Avenue.

If you would like to know more speak to your local PCS Rep and attend any upcoming branch meetings.

Eastern Avenue Benefit Gig Review 16/10/2017

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PCS Sheffield Branch would like to thank Main Act-Bright Lights, Support Act-Max Berridge, Kate Rutter-From ‘I, Daniel Blake’, Quizmaster-John Griffin, Louise Haigh MP and Jared O’Mara MP for making an amazing evening and raising just short of £1000! for the Eastern Avenue Strikers Fund.


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Whole Sheffield Branch Meeting Leaflet

Support the Eastern Avenue Strikers 02/10/2017

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New Whole Sheffield Branch Eastern Avenue Leaflet

Eastern Avenue Strikers Benefit Gig-Saturday 7th October, DINA, Cambridge Street, Sheffield 10/09/2017

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**** UPDATE****

Louise Haigh- Labour MP for Sheffield, Heeley also confirmed as speaker

**** UPDATE****

New Benefit Gig Flyer Page 1New Benefit Gig Flyer Page 2

Eastern Avenue Staff Strike Again-What Can You Do To Help 10/09/2017

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Whole Sheffield Branch Eastern Avenue Leaflet

Eastern Avenue Jobcentre Dispute Escalation 07/08/2017

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After a fantastically supported series of weeklong strike action members at Eastern Avenue Jobcentre have decided to escalate their action to take two weeks strike action from the 14th August 2017.

20170602_073328 (2)

The campaign to save Eastern Avenue is largely based on the loss of services to the public in the local area.

Local PCS Reps and Louise Haigh MP met DWP South Yorkshire District Management on the 1st of August 2017 and continued to raise member’s concerns and core demands.  The poor consultation was also discussed. PCS have been issued with a local Equality Analysis and have formally challenged both its findings and conclusion, further we have demanded to meet with ‘decision maker’ to conduct a review of the decision for closure.

We continue to take forward the issues of potential redundancies with G4S (Security Guards) and Engie (Cleaners) members.

Our campaigns needs your support.

Please join on the picket line week commencing 14th and 21st of August!

Please donate to our Hardship Fund via one of the following methods:

Cheques – Please make out to PCS Hardship Fund (DWP Sheffield) and post to Tom Bishell, 36 Carnaby Road, Sheffield, S6 2NH.

Bank transfers – Please transfer to Sort Code 560009, Account Code 22371214, Account Name PCS Hardship Fund (DWP Sheffield).

Cash collections – Please email tombishell@yahoo.co.uk and arrange to meet.


South Yorkshire Festival-Wortley Hall-13th August 2017 28/07/2017

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Wortley Hall
S35 7DB

Event Information


12 noon until 5pm

Car parking is £2 per car with all proceeds going to charity

Wortley Hall would like to welcome you to its annual summer event, proving FREE fun for all the family.

The hall opens its doors to provide gift, craft and garden stalls to browse plus BBQ, outdoor bar & refreshments will all be available. There is a program of FREE entertainment for all the family including live music, dancers, donkey rides, bouncy castles, kid’s rides and much more!


A fantastic day out for all the family!

Eastern Avenue Strikers Return To Work And Plan Meeting To Decide On Next Action 24/07/2017

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The proud Eastern Avenue strikers returned to work today following 11 days of effective and high profile action to save the Eastern Avenue jobcentre site.

Management have yet to overturn the decision to close the site, but when members went back in to work it was abundantly clear that management had struggled to cope with the impact of the action.  Despite bringing in staff from other sites especially to do so!

Members meetings are planned for Tuesday the 25th of July to discuss the next stage of action.

Sheffield Heeley MP Louise Haigh has arranged a meeting with local management in early August to discuss the planned closure.

A day by day account of the strike can be found on the PCS website here.

A letter from the branch to the strikers on their return can be found here.

Urge your MP to oppose DWP office closures and Support Eastern Avenue 19/07/2017

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MPs are this week debating the closure of 100 DWP offices  – urge yours to back the PCS campaign to keep them open.

Click on this link – early day motion 154 – to contact your MP and ask them to join the PCS campaign to oppose DWP office closures by signing the early day motion before the close of parliament this Friday (21) sponsored by PCS parliamentary group Chris Stephens and by attending the Westminster Hall debate on the closures at 1.30pm on Thursday 20 July.

Read more on the PCS website here.

Eastern Avenue Continue Fight for Vital Local Jobcentre 16/07/2017

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Leaflet Page 1Leaflet Page 2