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Information on Temporary Duties Allowance (TDA) 25/09/2012

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DWP briefing 

  Department for Work & Pensions Group

 To:       Branch Secretaries, Additional Branch Contact, Regional Secretaries, GEC

Date:   17 September 2012



Temporary Duties Addition

An issue has been raised by a number of regions regarding the use of Temporary Duties Allowances and Additions (TDA).  It seems that in some regions management are looking to reduce the amount of money spent on TDA by suggesting that staff should not be paid for any periods of less than 6 days.

 This is completely at odds with the DWP policy which clearly states at paragraph 1 of the TDA policy:

 ‘You are eligible for TDA if you are required to work temporarily at a higher Band/Grade for half a day or more’.

 PCS has raised the issue with OPD and has been told that they are not planning to change the current DWP policy they are merely trying to make ‘appropriate and sensible arrangements for planned short periods of absence’ and to ‘minimise TDA payments for periods of less than 6 days’.

 While we are glad that they are not going to change DWP policy we are not entirely reassured that members will not lose out.  We have written for further clarification which we will circulate when we have it.

 PCS policy

PCS policy has always been that posts should be filled with substantive members of staff and that TDA should be kept to a minimum, recognising that there may be occasions where TDA may be necessary to cover short term absences such as sick leave.  Furthermore, PCS strongly feels that TDA should not be used to mask staff shortages.  However, since the recruitment ban has been in place TDA has been used extensively all over DWP.

 The policy on TDA is quite clear, as quoted above, and goes on to say at paragraph 2:

 ‘Managers may authorise TDA to cover vacancies, temporary posts or employee absences where you are competent to take on all the duties of the higher Band/Grade post’.

 Members therefore who carry out the duties of a higher grade are entitled to be paid for any periods of half a day or more.  If managers refuse to do so then members should put in grievances.  If reps have any difficulties with this please contact Chris Cuthbert via the group office.

 Proper staffing levels

PCS continues to press for proper staffing levels, to defend quality public sector jobs and to fight against job cuts so that we are able to provide a decent and supportive service to the most vulnerable in society.

 Chris Cuthbert                                             

PCS DWP Group Assistant Secretary

 Miranda Harr

Industrial Officer




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